Yield Prediction

  • Being informed at an early date through a precise estimation of the crop yield supports you either in forecasting market prices and securing your trading or with logistic strategies, or in adapting your field-based crop management and product applications.
  • Using continuous satellite monitoring which always provides up-to-date information on crop conditions SBI achieves very high accuracies in its yield predictions, months before the harvest.
  • Weather, soil, phenology and other relevant data underpin satellite-image derived information in evaluating crop development, health and yield performance.
  • Our unique simulation model enables us to calculate precise crop yield figures several times throughout the growing season. In performing this task, we achieve deviations between predicted and harvested figures of less than 5 %.
  • Crop yield forecasts are provided worldwide on regional or field scale, for countries, counties, regions or fields.

A look at the very first step of the crop yield prediction process:

The satellite image displays the conditions of the vegetation in the form of a deviation from the current year compared with a long-term average in a grid of 1 km * 1 km.

Regions with normal (grey) and favourable (green) vegetation conditions can be easily distinguished from those with unfavourable (yellow, red) conditions where risks and yield losses may occur.

Difference between satellite images of vegetation status in the current year compared with the long-term average in regions of Canada (top) and Germany (bottom) respectively.

Knowing the crop yield in advance is a very valuable tool for making the best decisions and crafting the best strategies in agrobusiness.

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