Trial Monitoring

A full understanding of how a new cultivar or product performs can only be obtained by minutely recording and assessing plant properties. Sensors on board satellites measure plant parameters in your trials using the following key characteristics:

  • frequent
  • non-destructive
  • sensitive
  • precise
  • objective
  • repeatable
  • comparable
  • worldwide

Take advantage of satellite observations which go far beyond traditional visual estimations. Images of your trial series are available in a spatial resolution with a drilldown of 50 cm * 50 cm.

Sensing plants from satellites in different spectral bands means measuring different plant parameters. Moreover, SBI predicts the yield per trial plot using the satellite-image derived and additional data, and provides reliable yield figures before the harvest.

Near infrared “sees” more than the human eye, and SBI’s algorithms can turn reflectance data into plant parameters, such as:

  • chlorophyll
  • water content
  • biomass
  • vitality
  • stress indicators
  • structural variations
  • crop yield





Satellite sensors measure plant properties and conditions in small trial plots with a spatial resolution down to 0.5 m * 0.5 m.

SBI’s expert team supports you in:

  • selecting the appropriate satellites for monitoring your trial plots
  • ordering a special temporal tasking for your this year´s trial sites
  • searching in the archives for satellite images covering your former year´s trials
  • transforming the raw reflectance data into plant parameters
  • predicting the yield per plot before the harvest
  • visualizing the results in satellite image maps, figures and tables
  • documenting the results

Fulfilling your task of observing and recording treatment effects becomes easily achievable.

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