EO Technology for Agrobusiness

Spatial Business Integration (SBI) maintains business relationships with many companies operating in the agrochemical industry. Given its strong presence in the industry, SBI was approached by the European Space Agency (ESA) and requested to organize a joint workshop, together with representatives of the agrochemical industry, to explore whether beneficial and sustainable structures for the exchange of strategies could be implemented.

Based on the potential strategic operational areas of Earth Observation (EO) in the field of agriculture identified at a prior stage by SBI, workshop participants discussed the benefits of satellite imagery technologies.

The EO and agrochemical industries both have similarly long innovation cycles, from the idea and the development right through to the product launch. This applies to the development and launching of new sensors on new satellites, as well as to the research of new, active substances for plant protection products and their introduction into the agricultural market.

The workshop organized by SBI in November 2013 provides the basis for coordinated EO strategies between the two industries and creates a sound foundation for a long-term cooperation to the benefit of agriculture and plant protection.