Crop Parameter Map

Knowledge of how plants develop and respond to climate, stress, treatments or products is essential for defining new field management strategies, deciding on treatments and reacting to yield potential. Early detection of plant nutrient deficiencies, diseases or stress is central for optimizing crop production and maximizing yield.

Based on expert knowledge and the experience gained over more than 20 years, SBI processes satellite images to cater to your needs:

  • Satellite-supported global monitoring of in-field crop status
  • High resolution satellite-image derived field maps of crop biomass, vitality, leaf area, chlorophyll, nitrogen content, water content, level of maturity and productivity
  • Spatial and temporal assessment of plant growth and health

  • Obtaining high resolution satellite maps of important crop parameters
  • Early identification of field zones harbouring risks, or high profit as basis for application maps
  • Appropriate response to efficient and deficient fields located under the same climatic conditions
  • Using this valuable tool for precision farming, trial monitoring and phenotyping

Yield Prediction Map

Early yield estimates and identifying spatial variations in yield performance for a specific field is essential for defining fertilization plans, adjusting crop protection, assessing new crop cultivars and saving costs. Optimizing crop production and maximizing yield are best achieved through a close monitoring of crop development, combined with reliable yield predictions.

Take advantage of SBI´s longstanding experience in developing and applying yield prediction models based on satellite imagery and additional information:

  • Satellite-supported global monitoring of crop yield performance and prediction of yield amounts
  • High resolution satellite image derived field maps of in-field variations of yield potential
  • Spatial and temporal assessment of yield performance and yield expectation before harvesting

  • Obtaining high resolution satellite images of crop yield potential and yield figures of fields
  • Identifying high and low productive areas in your fields and assessing the underlying factors
  • Planning fertilization or crop protection through close monitoring of the crop yield potential
  • Using this indispensable tool for crop management, precision farming and trade planning

Field Potential Map

Spatially detailed information about site-specific plant development in a field under different conditions is instrumental in understanding the basic field potential. Several years of monitoring a field under different crops and different weather conditions reveal consistent field characteristics due to, for instance, the soil type, soil compression or field topography. The field potential map derived provides support in planning ameliorations or applying more efficient crop treatments.

Rely on SBI´s expertise in analyzing field phenomena through drawing on a powerful team of agronomists, hydrologists, physicists and geo-experts:

  • Satellite-supported global monitoring of fields under different conditions over time (crop, weather)
  • High resolution satellite-image derived field maps of consistent field characteristics
  • Spatial and temporal assessment of field phenomena, such as soil characteristics and topography

  • Obtaining high resolution satellite maps of persistent field characteristics
  • Monitoring plant development over several years under different conditions
  • Planning ameliorations or adapting field management to unavoidable conditions
  • Using the findings to improve your crop production efficiency and precision farming

We use satellite image maps of your fields to enable you to be in the right place at the right time.

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