Geodata management

  • Development of spatial data infrastructure in a cloud computing fashion
  • Systematic update, management and retrieval of geospatial data
  • Highly scalable services with global coverage
  • Security, standards and policies for geospatial data
  • Assimilation, integration and business process automation
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Geospatial competencies

  • Understanding the world through geospatial modelling
  • Optimizing the use of scientific computing
  • Handling massive parallel computing systems
  • Deploying efficient algorithms for processing routines
  • Making sense of Big Data
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Geospatial applications

  • Efficient use of geospatial data for non-geotech people
  • Data-driven decision support systems
  • Cloud services so you can carry a mainframe system in your pocket
  • Combination of desktop, web and mobile apps as user interfaces
  • Combination of science and cutting-edge technology puts SBI in the league of top service centres
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