WebGIS applications

GIS (Geographic Information System) technology is currently and extensively used by the agricultural industry in dealing with complex situations concerning planning, monitoring and management. SBI has extensive experience in developing webGIS applications to ensure the efficient and precise use of spatial information, while enabling non-geotech people to use geospatial data for individual applications. An example of this is SBI’s “One Stop Site Profiler” (OSSP), a webGIS application that supports agronomists/scientists in easily applying geospatial data (i.e. EO data) in their daily work. The illustration below shows an example of a graphic user interface.

Farmers take photos of pests and send them to the SBI server, thereby contributing to efficient pest modelling and push alert notification to registered farmers.

 Mobile applications

Today the growing use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), smart systems such as the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), combined with smart phones, facilitate enhanced Location Based Services (LBS) and crowd sourcing in agrobusiness. SBI’s mobile applications for identifying crop diseases or for reporting pest conditions are being used by participant farmers to provide ongoing information, which assists us in validating our risk models.

Cloud services

On the one hand, the cloud is hard to imagine but, on the other, it is well on its way to evolving into a most helpful tool for people and companies. Delivering ubiquitous IT services efficiently requires the cloud. Cloud services essentially mean making use of distributed systems and shared resources. With the aim of maximizing the efficiency with which services and systems are provided, resources are allocated dynamically on demand.

At SBI we build cloud services around our products and services. We want our clients to have the best possible user experience by enabling them to make sense of freshly processed and high quality data. Our clients have seamless access to relevant information through mobile apps and cross platform web applications.

SBI’s cloud services enable its customers to carry a mainframe system “just as” in their pocket

Request SBI’s geospatial application services for developing easy and hands-on applications with user friendly interfaces, which allow you to do complex computation in our cloud at the push of a button from your mobile device.

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