From left to right: Dimitri Warkentin (BLE), Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann (rasdaman GmbH), Dr. Jürgen Born (Spatial Business Integration GmbH), Dr. Katrin Kohler (Spatial Business Integration GmbH), PSt Peter Bleser, MdB (BMEL)


The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture will sponsor the “BigPicture” project of Spatial Business Integration GmbH in Darmstadt and rasdaman GmbH in Bremen.

“For German agriculture, it is important to be at the global forefront of high-tech services. With respect to this goal, projects such as BigPicture play an important role due to their outstanding innovation and practical relevance,” said Peter Bleser, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), after presenting the grant approval certificates at Spatial Business Integration GmbH (SBI) in Darmstadt on October 10th 2016.

How can new technical solutions and automation offer opportunities for greater resource efficiency in agriculture? How can new technologies increase labor productivity in agriculture? Spatial Business Integration GmbH (SBI), a leading science and technology company based in Darmstadt, is developing innovative solutions for these and many other agricultural issues using satellite-based and model-based applications. Rasdaman GmbH, a high-tech spinoff company from Jakobs University in Bremen, brings their world-leading Big Data technology to the project, to integrate satellite, weather and other data.

“At SBI, many years of experience in the application of satellite technologies are integrated with sound agricultural know-how. This combination, in addition to the Big Data technology of rasdaman GmbH, allows both companies to, over the coming two and a half years, determine how Big Data’s opportunities can be used for agriculture as well as how to master current challenges in agriculture,” said Dr. Jürgen Born, General Manager of SBI.

By handing over the grant approval certificates to SBI GmbH and rasdaman GmbH, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture announced that the “BigPicture” research project will be included in the innovation-promoting program and will receive funding. The total cost of this two-and-a-half-year project is well over € 1 million. “Our research project, ‘BigPicture’, aims to interpret peculiarities detected by satellite sensors in fields through Big Data technologies, in order to derive specific crop treatments, such as, for example, fertilization, application of plant protection products, or crop variety selection. “Through this project, we will be able to automate the process chain from symptom detection in the field via satellite sensors to diagnosis and remedy recommendation,” said Dr. Katrin Kohler, head of Research & Development at SBI GmbH. Prof. Peter Baumann from rasdaman GmbH added that “Big Data technologies can be used to analyze large volumes of data more efficiently and to gain new insights.”

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About rasdaman GmbH

About rasdaman GmbH

Based in Bremen, rasdaman GmbH enables suppliers of Big Data to provide their users with high-quality, high-performance services based on open standards. High efficiency is paired with user-friendly administration. With its award-winning technology rasdaman (“raster data manager”), a high-tech spinoff from Jakobs University in Bremen, is technologically leading in the use of Big Data, especially massive spatio-temporal data cubes. Since 2016, the American magazine CIO Review lists rasdaman as one of the world’s top Big Data solutions.

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