Site Similarity Certificate (SSC)

  • Standardized description of trial sites for submission to the registration authorities
  • Identifying trial sites with similar site characteristics (1:1)
  • Substituting field trials
  • Assessing the similarity of sites in the northern and southern hemispheres for shortening of field trials to only one year
  • Proving the similarity of sites across countries and the borders of zones
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Optimized Zonal Trial Planning (OZTP)

  • Optimized/minimized numbers of trials for providing the zonal dataset required
  • Awareness of substitutable trial sites for pre-selection before trials commence
  • Traceable selection of trial sites covering the full range of conditions requested
  • Improved and traceable coping with the EPPO guidelines
  • Greater reliability for the registration authorities that trials are sited and spatially distributed in a manner appropriate for successfully testing PPP performance under all conditions requested
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Transfer Analysis (TA)

  • Identification of fitting trial sites to one initial site (1:n) or identification of trial sites in an initial country matched to any potential trial site in a target country within or across continents (n:m)
  • Fast check at low cost
  • Transfer matrix displaying matching pairs of trial sites for potential substitution
  • Pre-selection of trial sites before elaboration of a fully parameterized SSC
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Quick Check (QC)

  • Assessment of the similarity of two trial sites prior to the elaboration of SSC
  • Fast check at low cost
  • Uses long-term satellite image information as a basis
  • Reduces risk at investing in a SSC that might result in “not similar”
  • Written statement that the investigated pair of trial sites is “qualified” or “not qualified” for the elaboration of a fully parameterized SSC
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